How to Pick the Right Maid Company!

November 25, 2019

Decisions, decisions! When it comes to picking a maid company there are several key factors to consider that could have far reaching consequences if you pick the wrong company, and many of these you may not even have considered until reading about them here. Never fear, we are going help explain everything you should know about selecting the maid company that is right for you!

Insurance and Licensing is king! Many people aren’t aware of the real risks and dangers of hiring an unlicensed maid company or individual, so we covered that in one of our previous blog post. The risks are real, and you should know them before making your choice of maid company. Always ask for the company’s licensing and insurance will help insure if there ever is an accident or incident of theft, you will be covered by their insurance and not have to make a claim on your own homeowners or renters insurance. You can check current licensing with the State and always ask to see their insurance policy.

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